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I hope this information give you a better knowledge of anal sex, remember anal sex is a personal decision and no one should be pressured into it, with that being said please use the menu below to browse my site. And if your looking for a partner to try anal sex with check out the site below!

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Anal sex positions and questions/answers.

Anal sex stats.

So how do you do it?

Make sure you lubricate well.

Anal stimulation, including sexual intercourse, is not painful if done properly.

Anal sex can be enjoyed even if it has been consistently uncomfortable in the past.

Two muscle rings called sphincters surround the anal opening. Each functions independently.

Anal stimulation provides many kinds of pleasure.

Anal stimulation can lead to orgasm.

Different rules of hygiene apply to the vagina and rectum.

Anal intercourse is not necessarily an act of dominance and submission.

Anal sex can be perfectly safe, even beneficial.

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